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Excavation contractors have a very difficult job. They use heavy equipment to improve the landscape, change the layout and dig holes. There is plenty of risk on this job, not just for the employees, but also for those around the area. Mistakes can happen. READ MORE >>

As technology becomes increasingly more important to the way businesses operate, it’s no surprise that many businesses’ biggest investments are often in computers, software, digital security and other bits of technology. And like any large investment, it’s vital to protect these assets from various risks. READ MORE >>

Workers compensation insurance provides employers with the backup they need when faced with medical bills, lost time at work and other claims from employees hurt on the job. Yet, most employers don't realize just how common these types of claims can be. READ MORE >>

Establishing a budget and knowing how much money you have left over after paying the bills is a necessary factor of a financially stable household. But creating a personal budget that works for you and your family can be a tricky task. We’ve compiled five tips to help with budgeting so you can get the most out of your income. READ MORE >>

In a study conducted by the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO), there was a correlation between productivity, lower absenteeism and healthy employees. Employees who ate healthy and exercised regularly had better productivity and lower absenteeism. Improved productivity and lower absenteeism are a constant concern for managers. READ MORE >>

Selecting the right type and amount of contractors insurance is essential to protecting your company. Every business needs insurance; but as a contractor, working on high-value projects in risky situations means you'll need a higher value of coverage that's more customized to meet your individual needs. READ MORE >>

Business insurance provides protection from a number of financial risks most businesses could face at some time in their operation. This type of insurance is rarely an option because it can help sustain a company through fires, theft, vandalism, and other high-risk situations. READ MORE >>

Having adequate business insurance is a good thing. You should view insurance as an investment in protecting your business and keeping it operational in the face of disaster. Yet, there's no doubt that you can have too much insurance, which could hurt your budget. READ MORE >>

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