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About Us

Welcome to Insuremybiz.com.

Started by an insurance brokerage in San Francisco in 1999, Insuremybiz.com was designed to help business people navigate the complicated business insurance marketplace.

Many insurance brokers are generalists, not specializing in any particular category of business.

We built this company to direct business owners to find insurance brokers who specialize in their specific company type. Each business has its peculiar needs and limits of insurance and no one single insurance broker can understand the complexities of all the different businesses offered in the 50 states.

By using Insuremybiz.com, you are able to locate an insurance broker who specializes in your type of business. The advantage is you are now talking to an expert Insurance broker who insures multiple businesses just like your company and understands your specific coverage needs and exposures.

The beauty of this service is there is no charge to either the broker or to the insurance consumer. Our intent is to introduce you to each other with the hope that you will then have better coverage placed on your company at competitive pricing by a expert who truly understands your insurance needs.

Please feel free to comment on the ease of use of our website, and suggest any business categories which may not be listed. We are always trying to build a more robust list of expert insurance brokers.

Insurance is an expensive component of your business operations; if we can help reduce your premium costs while also getting you better coverages specific to your industry, then we feel our service has been worthwhile.

Many thanks,

Bruce Callander

InsureMyBiz.com was developed for you to find an insurance broker expert. We have over 150+ different types of policies that are very detailed and specific in coverages and limits.

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